Web accessibility means that persons with disabilities and persons unable to use a mouse can access web content. For instance, blind people using technical devices (refreshable Braille display) and appropriate software (screen-to-speech software) can assimilate the information contained on web pages. Web accessibility also makes Internet browsing easier for persons with reduced mobility.


The Régie de l'assurance maladie du Québec intends to meet the Québec government standards for web accessibilityThis link will open in a new window. according to the timetable set out by the Conseil du Trésor.

The implementation of these standards is progressive. We are providing the impetus for gradual implementation of these standards.

Telephone assistance

If you need help when browsing our website, if you're unable to access certain content with computer adaptation technologies or if you're finding it difficult to fill out the forms on our website, please emailThis link will open in a new window. or call us at 418 682-5163.